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About Radhika Creations

A house that has taken birth through the incredible imagination of child artists. A home for those children who want to create their world of free imagination and dwell in it. Where they learn to act in drama, create drama and perform. Radhika Creations has been active in Pune since 7+ years and in Nagpur since 12+ years. This organisation is dedicated to theatre training for children, children’s theatre performances and has regularly entertained families. Children apply various skills like dance, music, art, sports while performing on stage. Our vision is to make future actors available to the industry, enable all round personality development, increased confidence, mental strength & patience, awaken a spirit of oneness, teamwork, selfless service and patriotism in children. We are dedicated to the spiritual, social, familial and educational development of children.

A short note of work we did last 2 years 2020-2022

We have been strong even during pandemic period as well, we did online 30 workshops in 18 months with more than 300 participants and did around 40 shows online entertaining people from our home audience sitting from their home. Performances ranging from one act children’s plays to a 90 min show called “Siyavar Ramchandra Kee Jai”, a first of its kind show where Ramayan was performed by 36 child artists online. We did 3 shows and very happy to let you all know that the amount collected from the shows was donated to Prime minister’s relief fund. After lockdown in 2022 we resume with first offline workshop of 20 days in May for children and adults in collaboration with Moraya Nirmiti, Founder Director, Sharad Ponkshe. Culminated the workshop with mono-acting performances by adults and 2 hrs 10 mins show in which children performed 2 one act plays.

Currently we are working on three workshops

1. Full Year 100 hrs Workshops 2022 Aug to March 2023.

2. Masterclass by Radhika Deshpande 3 months weekly twice for adults.

3. Hindi Megaplay with 75 artists on stage. “Siyawar Ramchandra Kee Jai” 2 hrs 30 mins play to be performed on March 4th. In collaboration with Blue Ridge Public School students.

About Radhika Deshpande

Founder & Director

We have seen her perform on Star Pravah (Aai Kuthe Kaay Karte) and Zee Marathi (Honar Soon Mee Hya Gharchi, Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji), along with Suvasini, Lakshya, Crime Petrol on Zee marathi and Star Pravah. She has done commercial ads for Paranjpe Schemes. We have seen her in a leading role as Mani Mavshi, the shrewd cat in “Achat Gavchi Afat Mavshi”, a 2-act children’s play. She has performed feats like horse riding and sword fighting while playing the leading role as Jhansi ki Rani Laxmibai in mega-play “Jhansi ki Rani Ranaragini”. She has performed lead role in commercial plays “Tee Dogha” and “Choice Is Yours”. She has directed and done script writing for commercial ad for “Class Boat”. She has played roles on silver screen on numerous occasions. Special mention of film “Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate, Ajinkya, Amhi Bolato Marathi, Barni). She has been active in children’s theatre in Pune since 7+ years and has taught more than 1000 students. She is the Founder & Director of Radhika Creations (, a creative house for children that organises various learning courses related to drama and theatre in offline/online mode. She has produced and directed numerous one-act plays and short films for children.

She is the author of 6 books and has published 5 books having 12 children’s one-act plays, and one 2-act play. She has written articles in “Maitrin” section under the title of “Womanhood” for Sakal newspaper that got published across Maharashtra. A collection of these articles is now published as a book with the title “Womanhood”.

She is a solo traveller, loves horse riding and cycling. She is an amateur warli artist, National bronze medalist in artistic skating. Bagged best actress award at Rajya Natya Spardha. 

She is orator and a motivational speaker. She speaks on topics like Children’s Theatre and its impact on life skills in children, how drama activity teaches you to live life fully, historical women of India and what one should learn from them today.  

She is B’Tech in Hotel Mgmt. & Catering, IATA diploma holder, Master of Fine Arts in Drama and is pursuing her PhD in the field of children’s theatre.

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